Iconic Queensland Island Bedarra Island

People travel from right across the world to experience Bedarra Island, and enjoy exclusivity here.

This privately owned island, is just 5 kms off the coast, a little further off the beaten track. This get-shipwrecked-here-style island, requires a little extra effort to reach, but the relative isolation means you’ll enjoy your sundowners alone. No day tourists here, or Covid19.

There are just 7 private homes on East Bedarra, and BarefootOnBedarra is unique, as it is a magnificent example of craftmanship, with high ceilings, and beautiful timbers. Built for world famous photographer, Peter Lik, the home has fabulous views.

How quickly can you get there?

Cairns by chopper direct to the island, or a Water Taxi direct to the beach. Easy.

What’s it like? fabulous barefoot experience. Isolated beaches, picnics on a private beach, go snorkelling, canoeing.Warm water 25Cdegrees, relax on your own deck, with the SE trades just wafting across a quiet ocean.

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